The perfect place

WHY Liguria

From the inland to the coastal areas, Liguria is rich in traditions capable of looking towards the future.

The Ligurian entrepreneurial vocation, always oriented towards discovery and innovation, perfectly blends with breathtaking landscapes, prestigious locations, quality of life, and traditions linked to the territory.

From 2015 to today, much has been done to make Liguria even more attractive for those who want to do business: we have reorganised and supported the research and innovation system; invested in micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, and worked to enhance port facilities, logistics, and digital infrastructure.

Business in Liguria

In Liguria, it is possible to develop business and life projects capable of best combining work needs with family, quality of life with career and business development.

Liguria offers the opportunity to work with large international companies but also to achieve niche productions or innovative research projects..


Opportunity Liguria

Discover the opportunities for real estate investment on Opportunity Liguria, a tool that provides maps, statistical content, and much more to explore locations for sale or rent and evaluate investment possibilities.

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